All things Lobster in Newport

Everything You Truly Need To Know About Your Newport Lobster Craving

The breathtaking views of the bluffs and the sea, the mansions, museums, harbor cruises and cute little shops are all great reasons to visit Newport but let’s talk LOBSTER.  There are some seaside hidden gems to enjoy lobster every way you might crave it –  freshly caught, steamed or covered in butter or mayo on a hot toasted roll. There are even boat tours where you can go out and learn how to catch lobsters yourself. When you need a break from all that mansion and cliff walking, you can take on Newport’s lobster culture. Read on to find out about a few of the best.


Do you long for cheap and fresh lobsters from people who aren’t afraid of cooking them? Newport Lobster Shack will leave your craving fulfilled. It’s a hidden gem with tons of lobster choices that won’t break your bank! Overlooking the beautiful wharf you will learn that lobsters from here are the true meaning of “fresh off the boat!” Since they only sell what they catch, it is guaranteed to be local and fresh! It’s basically a gourmet meal out of a truck. Missing the taste after you leave? Not to worry! They sell a cookbook, The Fisherman’s Table, packed with their fancy lobster tricks and great recipes for the seafood they catch.

Or are you craving that indulgent, mayo slathered lobster tail enveloped in a buttered, hot toasted bun? Stop by Easton’s Beach Snack Bar for lunch and you will find the best value for this lobster favorite anywhere in Newport. You will not believe the great prices on the menu! Their lobster rolls are cooked perfectly in a beautifully grilled bun covered with seasoned mayo with shredded lettuce and giant chunks of lobster meat nestled inside. Enjoy this classic seafood favorite at a picnic on the beach; the way it should be! If you choose to eat your roll on Easton’s deck, watch out for the feisty seagulls who like to swoop down to join in the lobster love fest. Also if you need to relieve the guilt of all those “absolutely worth it” cals, enjoy the breathtaking views from the Cliff Walk.

Ever wonder how these wonderfully tasty clawful creatures are wrangled from the sea? Then you must try Fish’n Tales Adventures Lobster Tours, a lobster sail with hands on experience the whole family can enjoy. Learn how lobsters live and how lobstermen catch them, while enjoying the beautiful Newport Harbor! In this 75 minute tour, get up close and personal with lobsters. Sit back and learn or put on some gloves, help bait the traps and sort the catch. The captain and crew are so knowledgeable and can answer every one of your creative crustacean questions. Even the most beginner of fisherman will enjoy this excursion and leave fulfilled.fishntales-adventures-logo

Enjoying a Newport lobster dinner or fishing trip is quite an experience! The tender wild caught Rhode island lobster doused in butter, on a roll or any way you can think of will always make the most scrumptious meal. Nothing is more perfect than getting together with family on the beach for lunch or finally catching that huge lobster for the first time. Staying right next to the ocean and being able to indulge in the best seafood experiences should not be taken for granted.




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